Windsorian Occupational Therapy Welcome to Windsorian Occupational Therapy Practice.
We provide Occupational Therapy for children aged 4 years to 18 years in Windsor and surrounding areas in order to unlock their full potential and enable them to be more independent.
Seeing a child as early as possible is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure their skills and potential is assessed so that appropriate support and help can be given whilst they are still developing. Secondly, so that the child and/or parents/carers do not go on to develop emotional problems and low self-esteem. If you leave a problem to fester then that’s what can happen.
Unfortunately the NHS is full of fantastic Occupational Therapists and other health and medical professionals who believe in these principles of early intervention but can’t always see children fast enough due to resources.
We offer Occupational Therapy assessments, short term and/or on-going support in school and courses/after school clubs to support your child.
I also have a great understanding of the Special Education Needs policies and procedures in your child's school. These need to be used effectively in order to ensure that your child has the most appropriate amount of meaningful support in place. I always ensure head teachers, SENCo's, relevant teachers and teaching assistants are educated and are made aware of a child's need. I also liaise with other relevant health professionals from both your child's local borough and/or other private health professionals in order to deliver this.
We don’t have an Occupational Therapy clinic as we believe that it can be scary for children to be taken out of their natural environment, it also means we see children in the most natural way possible - in their school or home. It also has another benefit so that it reduces our costs and means that we can truly offer affordable Occupational Therapy. We will never turn anyone away that needs support.
We will happily provide testimonials and references.
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